Monthly Archives: September, 2018

  1. Center Develops CMU Connections Committee to Gather Feedback from Schools

    As part of the CMU family, the Center and CMU-authorized schools have direct connections to the tremendous resources available through CMU. In an effort to explore additional connections that can be made between CMU and schools, the Center developed the CMU Connections Committee this year.
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  2. Six New Schools Join CMU Family in 2018-19 School Year

    The Center is excited to welcome six new schools to the CMU family this fall. The schools are Cole Academy East, Distinctive College Prep – Redford, Flex High School of Michigan, Lakeside Charter School, Michigan Educational Choice Center and Pembroke Academy.
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  3. Staff Spotlight – Jason Sarsfield

    As deputy director at the Center, Jason is responsible for providing leadership, operating direction and coordination throughout the functional units of the Center. In this role, he leads the Charter Accountability unit and the Performance Data Center. He also focuses on the Center’s evaluation systems.
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