2018Annual Report


CMU’s partner schools are leading the way. They innovate, specialize and empower parents to select the best option for their child.

57 Schools

Learn more about the 57 CMU partner schools by clicking on a city. Each school has a link where you can view additional school-level information including student demographics, performance data and academy board members.

Beverly Hills

(2018) NexTech High School of Metro Detroit
Final year of operation was 2017-18

Highland Park

(2021) ACE Academy
Final year of authorization was 2020-21


(2020) Lakeside Charter School
Final year of operation was 2019-20
(2022) Lakeside Academy
Final year of operation was 2019-20


(2019) The Midland Academy of Advanced and Creative Studies
Final year of operation was 2018-19


(2020) Global Preparatory Academy
Final year of operation was 2019-20
(2022) Global Preparatory Academy
Final year of operation was 2019-20


(2018) Jefferson International Academy
Final year of operation was 2017-18

Enrollment by Grade

Serving more than 28,000 students in grades K-12.

Grade Enrollment
K 2,746
1st 2,580
2nd 2,498
3rd 2,372
4th 2,394
5th 2,340
6th 2,308
7th 2,197
8th 2,151
9th 1,876
10th 1,798
11th 1,713
12th 1,738

Diverse Portfolio

Central Academy

Through a mission grounded in an appreciation of cultures, Central Academy provides a quality educational option for the students they serve. They are the top open-enrollment high school in Michigan for college enrollment within six months of leaving high school with 93% of their 2017 class moving on to college.

Students in classroom

Jalen Rose Leadership Academy

Students attending Jalen Rose Leadership Academy are choosing a path that is focused on leadership and being successful in college. Through their academic offerings, community partnerships and individualized college success advising, students are provided the skills they need to make an impact on the world.

Students in classroom

Charyl Stockwell Academy

An environment of excellence, including their high school being designated an International Baccalaureate World School, provides students at Charyl Stockwell Academy an education that sets them up for a bright future. This unique school uses both a mastery learning approach and a whole child approach to provide a unique educational option for their community.

Students celebrating graduation

Distinctive College Prep Opens in Fall 2017

Distinctive College Prep, an elementary school in Harper Woods, uses state-of-the-art technology to create rich classrooms for students and teachers. All students can follow the learning paths that are unique and right for them.

Students in a line clapping


Our mission is to transform public education. That is why we provide students with opportunities to choose the education that fits best – because every child is worth it.

Student Demographics

Demographics CMU Average State Average
Free and Reduced Lunch 70.1% 50.3%
Students of Color 59.3% 33.5%
Special Education 11.3% 13.1%

Spirit of the Future Scholarships

Because learning doesn’t end with a diploma, graduates of CMU partner high schools can get financial support to attend CMU.
5 Students
$12,500 In Scholarships
Student at Central Michigan University


The teachers in CMU partner schools are dedicated to transforming public education and delivering extraordinary outcomes.

2018 Michigan Charter School Teacher of the Year

The 2018 Michigan Charter School Teacher of the Year is Kristina Price. Ms. Price is a third-grade teacher at Trillium Academy, a CMU partner school in Taylor.

Teacher with students.

Charter School Educator Award

CMU is committed to furthering the education of teachers and school leaders in CMU partner schools. That’s why we offer a 50 percent tuition award to pursue graduate degrees in education at CMU.

55 Award recipients have received graduate degrees.

Teacher in a classroom with students.

Boards and Leadership

The board members that serve at CMU partner schools are a key part of the team. They are a group of diverse individuals dedicated to ensuring all students have access to a quality education.

Board Demographics

There are 288 board members transforming public education through their service at a CMU partner school.

Professional Development

The Center’s professional development opportunities provide board members and school leaders with the skills and knowledge to make the decisions necessary to fulfill their school’s mission and provide a quality education.

In 2017-18, the Center expanded offerings to include webinars in addition to in-person events. Topics covered throughout the year included:

  • Assessing Academic Progress
  • Assessments and Data Literacy
  • Building Board Structures
  • College Readiness
  • Effective Governance
  • Public Policy
  • School Safety
24 Events
479 Participants

Annual Conference

Every year the Center hosts an annual conference that brings together board members, school leaders and education stakeholders to discuss topics important to education. Conference attendees gain valuable resources from a diverse group of speakers. The theme for the annual conference was Embracing Change.

View the Highlight Video

Charter School Policy Leaders Program

The Center developed the Charter School Policy Leaders Program to educate and empower board members of CMU partner charter public schools to be effective champions for their school, its students and the charter school movement, in their communities. It is a selective one-year program designed to provide charter school board members with the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge related to the legislative process, communications and engaging others in their efforts.

Group of people standing on steps in front of building

Board Gear

In the fall of 2017, the Center launched Board Gear, a comprehensive governance curriculum focused on charter public school board members and the role governance plays in driving school performance. The curriculum is presented through short videos and handouts that provide resources and information on a variety of governance topics.

Board Meetings
Board Officer Roles
Committee Structure
Roles and Responsibilities
Serving as a Public Official


CMU’s portfolio of partner schools consistently puts students first. And it shows in the results we achieve – together.

Award-Winning High Schools

Five CMU partner charter public high schools were recognized as 2018 Best High Schools by U.S. News and World Report.

Central Academy students
Central Academy
Riverside Academy students
Riverside Academy
Students in chemistry classroom
Summit Academy North
Students working on laptops.
Trillium Academy
Students using microscopes
West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science


The 2018 M-STEP results show strong academic performance in CMU’s partner schools.

Four CMU partner schools ranked in the top 25 of all public schools in the state for M-STEP proficiency in 2018.

  • South Arbor Charter Academy
  • Canton Charter Academy
  • Cross Creek Charter Academy
  • Eagle Crest Charter Academy

CMU’s portfolio outperformed its aggregate composite resident district on 14 of 14 M-STEP tests in grades 3-8

Students continuously enrolled in CMU’s partner schools for three or more years exceed the composite resident district average in English language arts and math proficiency.

2018 M-STEP Achievement in
English Language Arts

2018 M-STEP Achievement in

2018 M-STEP Achievement in English Language Arts

Number of Years Enrolled Percent Proficient
0 (new) 21.2%
1 23.9%
2 29.1%
3 43.2%

Composite Resident District 28.5%

2018 M-STEP Achievement in Math

Number of Years Enrolled Percent Proficient
0 (new) 12.4%
1 16%
2 20.8%
3 34.8%

Composite Resident District 22.6%

We are proud to be a part of Central Michigan University, one of the 100 largest public universities in the nation.

When the Michigan Legislature responded to Governor John Engler’s call for the establishment of charter schools in Michigan in 1994, CMU was prepared to lead. Believing charter schools could serve as a catalyst for educational improvements benefiting all Michigan children, CMU stepped forward to authorize charter public schools that would provide families with quality educational opportunities.