As part of the CMU family, the Center and CMU-authorized schools have direct connections to the tremendous resources available through CMU. In an effort to explore additional connections that can be made between CMU and schools, the Center developed the CMU Connections Committee this year.

The committee includes representatives from CMU-authorized schools as well as CMU staff. The school representatives include individuals in various roles including board members, school administrators and educational service provider staff. The CMU Connections Committee’s purpose is to strengthen the partnership between CMU-authorized charter public schools and CMU by facilitating a connection to University programs and resources. To begin this important work the committee met for the first time in June and will be meeting again quarterly throughout the school year.

As the committee discusses possible partnerships with CMU, we welcome any feedback CMU-authorized schools have on the needs of their schools and how we can identify possible partnerships that could assist in fulfilling those needs. If you have any feedback you would like to share with us, please contact Tim Odykirk at