Recently, FlexTech High School-Novi hosted leaders from a school in Kazakhstan for a discussion on project-based learning and the great opportunities the school provides to its students. Students participated in the panel discussion to share why they feel this educational model is an innovative way to approach learning.

The visitors from Kazakhstan were researching ways to improve education and were interested in how the implementation of project-based learning could work in their culture.

The students from FlexTech High School – Novi that participated shared that the project-based aspect of their school allows them to show mastery of subject areas through a project that they are proud to share with others. The utilization of critical thinking and core subject areas in developing their project teaches them valuable lessons and provides experiences that will benefit them in the future. They also shared that the individualized approach to their day allows them to work at their own pace in a less stressful environment. This provides them the opportunity to dedicate additional time in areas where they want to learn more.

This discussion has led to a great partnership with the visitor’s school in Kazakhstan and both schools look forward to continuing to work with each other in the future.