Communicating with Base Camp


The Governor John Engler Center for Charter Schools provides both oversight and support to the schools the university authorizes. We want to help schools succeed.

To that end, we encourage all charter school boards to stay in regular contact with us. It helps us to be aware of the issues you are facing, and in many instances our team can connect you with the tools and assistance you need.

We understand some charter schools may be hesitant to call, believing that alerting our team to a problem will be a negative when reauthorization decisions are made. In reality, however, the opposite is true. Showing good faith efforts to solve problems is a positive, not a negative. Our lines are always open…call us at (989) 774-2100 or visit us online at


Your involvement as a charter school board member makes you part of something that is larger than just your school. You are now involved in a robust and growing community of schools that is providing competition, choice and academic leadership for students across Michigan. We welcome you to the charter sector and look forward to the positive results that will surely come about as a result of your governance.


Knowing Where You are Headed
Being Prepared
Knowing the Terrain
Managing Your Assets
Sending and Receiving Messages
Laying the Trail
Administering First Aid
Seeking Help if You’re Lost
Building the Team
Knowing When You Have Arrived
Communicating with Base Camp

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