Knowing When You Have Arrived


Reauthorization is a significant milestone for authorizers and schools. Reauthorization means the Charter Contract will soon expire and a determination must be made if the school has delivered on its promises.

At CMU, the reauthorization process is guided by three core questions:

  1. Is the school’s academic program successful?
  2. Is the school’s organization viable?
  3. Is the school demonstrating good faith in following its Charter Contract and applicable law?

If the answers to these core questions are affirmative, the Center recommends that the University Board of Trustees issue the school a new Charter Contract. Schools that exceed their goals are reauthorized for seven years. Schools that meet their goals are reauthorized for five years. Schools that have not met all their goals, but are demonstrating solid progress are reauthorized for three years. Schools not delivering, but that are committed and have a solid plan for turning things around, may be issued a one-year probationary contract. Schools that are unwilling or unable to deliver results are not renewed.


One of the most powerful practices for boards is to conduct a self evaluation of the quality of their own decisions and the overall operations of the charter school.

Experienced and highly effective board members have learned that it’s critical to regularly conduct short, practical evaluations on the quality of their activities and attend to the results of those evaluations throughout the year.


Knowing Where You are Headed
Being Prepared
Knowing the Terrain
Managing Your Assets
Sending and Receiving Messages
Laying the Trail
Administering First Aid
Seeking Help if You’re Lost
Building the Team
Knowing When You Have Arrived
Communicating with Base Camp

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