Seeking Help if You’re Lost


Confounded by a difficult decision? Struggling with a tough legal or policy issue? Don’t despair – there is an array of practical resources at your disposal.


Your first point of reference is, as mentioned, your school’s mission. Working with your CEO and board colleagues, use the mission as a road map for future direction. Your board policies can also serve the same purpose if you are struggling through murky territory.

Your next line of defense is your Charter Contract. This document spells out not only how your school is supposed to perform, but what legal requirements govern its operation.

You can also check applicable sections of state and federal law. Michigan’s Revised School Code and State School Aid Act, coupled with the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, can be a valuable roadmap if you need direction.


Your school’s legal counsel may also be a good resource depending on the issue your school is facing. The Center can be a valuable resource when challenging issues arise. As one of the nation’s largest university authorizers, we have seen many issues before and can help answer questions and support you as you seek solutions to difficult situations.


Knowing Where You are Headed
Being Prepared
Knowing the Terrain
Managing Your Assets
Sending and Receiving Messages
Laying the Trail
Administering First Aid
Seeking Help if You’re Lost
Building the Team
Knowing When You Have Arrived
Communicating with Base Camp

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