Back before the start of the school year, we briefed you on the new state law which requires school boards to have a performance evaluation system in place for their teachers and administrators. Many of the requirements of the law went into effect for this school year, including training, so make sure your school is continuing to meet its statutory obligations.

Beginning with this 2016-17 school year, your teachers, administrators, evaluators and observers are all required to be trained on your adopted observation tools, including their specific roles and how each tool is used. For this fiscal year, the state awarded formula grant funds to ISDs in order to provide this training for their constituents. ISDs and districts are encouraged to collaborate and determine timelines for providing training opportunities supported by the grant funds from the state. If you have yet to provide the necessary training to your staff, you are encouraged to contact your ISD.

If your school has already chosen an evaluation tool, made sure the system is in compliance with state law, and staff has been provided training, make sure to note the posting requirements which require that information on the adopted evaluation tool be posted on the district’s website. This includes information on the evaluation framework, processes and evaluator training.

The Center has developed summaries of the educator evaluation law, including references to the language within the statute. For our summary on how the law applies to administrators, click here. For teachers, click hereClick here for full text of the statute from the state of Michigan. The Michigan Department of Education also has a web page available here with additional resources on educator evaluations.