The Center is excited to welcome six new schools to the CMU family this fall. The schools are Cole Academy East, Distinctive College Prep – Redford, Flex High School of Michigan, Lakeside Charter School, Michigan Educational Choice Center and Pembroke Academy.


Flex High School of Michigan serves students who have largely become disengaged with the traditional educational system by providing alternative programming that supports the unique pathway of every student. FLEX-MI is dedicated to fostering aptitude in self-directed learning and academic achievement so that students may be self-supported, lifelong contributors toward a healthy 21st Century community through active participation as educated, socially aware, skilled members of the community.

LAKESIDE CHARTER SCHOOL | Kalamazoo | Grades 4-12

Lakeside Charter School is a Strict Discipline Academy that serves delinquent and neglected youth. Working in partnership with youth-serving agencies to re-engage youth in the active pursuit of self-improvement, interpersonal growth and educational development, Lakeside encourages all students to excel to their highest potential while providing the support and tools needed to explore infinite possibilities that learning and life have to offer. This opportunity is offered within a climate where students, staff and stakeholders feel safe, secure and valued as individuals. Lakeside has two locations, serving students in both Kalamazoo and Albion.


Michigan Educational Choice Center utilizes best practices in data-driven instruction and differentiated learning to deliver instruction in core subjects, creating a uniquely rigorous and personalized learning experience for every child. The school’s vision is for children to accelerate their progress toward grade-level proficiency in reading and math, while demonstrating strong character, as exhibited by honesty, service to others, a superior work ethic, and a strong vision for and belief in their futures.

PEMBROKE ACADEMY | Detroit | Grades K-5

Pembroke Academy provides a rigorous, high-quality academic program, emphasizing reading proficiency that reverses achievement gaps while instilling students with strong moral character. With a primary focus on reading proficiency and character development, Pembroke tailors instruction and ensures that all students are reading at or above grade level and are on a path to college readiness.

In addition to these four schools, there are also two current CMU-authorized schools that added additional sites for the 2018-19 school year. These schools are Cole Academy and Distinctive College Prep. Cole Academy has their original location in Lansing and expanded to an additional site in East Lansing. Distinctive College Prep has their original location in Harper Woods and expanded to an additional site in Redford.