Sherry is a team member within the Office of Academic Performance and Accountability. She is responsible for the dissemination of various school assessment data and providing support for understanding and applying the data to school improvement solutions.

She also works with schools to develop and administer assessment programs through systems such as M-STEP, Measures of Academic Progress®, Scantron’s Performance Series® and the PSAT/SAT®. Sherry works with schools through the Falcon Initiative where she guides schools in establishing a strong data culture while also assisting schools in the utilization of assessment data to foster academic improvement. With the Falcon Initiative she also assists schools in identifying a problem of practice as well as effective related teaching practices. Sherry provides further support through professional learning opportunities in the area of assessment.

Prior to joining the Center in 2010, Sherry served as a school counselor and assessment coordinator at a charter public school in the Detroit area. Sherry is also a certified 6+ teacher and taught high school in a traditional public school bordering Detroit. She holds a bachelor’s degree in secondary education and a master’s degree in school counseling from Wayne State University. She can be reached at