Thirteen students from A.G.B.U. Alex and Marie Manoogian High School recently competed in a statewide electric car competition placing second in the race in a field of 25 high schools. They also received a first place trophy in the public relations category.

The competition organized by SQUARE ONE Education Network was set up to test endurance, speed and energy efficiency of electric cars built by students. The team from A.G.B.U. was led by their teacher Steve Scott and the car’s driver, sophomore Monica Gharibyan, was the competition’s only female driver.

The construction of the car and success at the race was a great accomplishment for the students involved and gave them experience with STEM careers and skills. The team is looking forward to next year with the recent announcement that MVC, an auto parts company, will be providing a $5,000 sponsorship for next year’s car.

“We are thrilled to introduce a new Automotive Engineering course at Manoogian, as part of our exciting STEM curriculum,” said high school principal Dr. Hosep Torossian.