Reading to Inspire the Future

  1. December 2017 Book Review: “Mindset-The New Psychology of Success”

    “Experts agree that Jackson Pollock had little native talent for art, and when you look at his early products, it showed. They also agree that he became one of the greatest American painters of the twentieth century and that he revolutionized modern art. How did he go from point A to point B?” Carol Dweck,…

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  2. November 2017 Book Review: “Change Your Questions Change Your Life”

    Ask yourself, “Am I a Learner or a Judger?” Marilee Adams in her book, Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, poses two life-defining questions, followed by some sample questions to assist in a self-reflective examination to help frame thinking, listening, speaking and relating. Do you conscientiously take a learner approach?  Or are you inclined to…

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