1. Episode 6: Insights from Award-Winning Educators

    In this episode we talk with Jennifer Melero, the 2020 Michigan Charter School Teacher of the Year and Jeremy Brown, the 2020 Michigan Charter School Administrator of the Year. They share their insights on all things education from what their students have taught them, to what they have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their messages are inspiring and show the passion they have for teaching. The legacy they will leave will certainly go on to impact future generations.

  2. Episode 5: Innovative Schools – A Discussion with FlexTech High Schools

    Tune in for this episode of Charter Central where we are joined by our friends from the FlexTech High Schools in Brighton and Novi, the winners of the Center’s inaugural Innovation and Vision Award contest. We discuss at length with our guests Sarah, Nick, and Kim about what makes their schools so innovative, including their approach to project-based learning, community partnerships and culture of collaboration. We also share some details about our next Innovation and Vision Award contest so stay tuned.

  3. Episode 4: Trauma-Informed Schools with Dr. Alison Arnold

    On this episode, we discuss the important topic of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and what it means to be a trauma-informed school. Our guest is Dr. Alison Arnold, the director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Community Health & Wellness at Central Michigan University. She is also a Master Trainer for the Michigan ACE Initiative. Our discussion includes numerous topics related to ACEs including resources for schools.

  4. Episode 3: School Safety with Dan DiBardino

    On this episode, we sit down to talk all things school safety with Dan DiBardino, managing director of Recon Management Group and the president and CEO of Crime Stoppers of Michigan. During our interview, Dan draws on his many years of security experience to educate us on this incredibly interesting and important topic. Tune in as we learn about the importance of school security, how schools can make sure they are prepared in an emergency situation, as well as the details of some new state requirements for schools coming in January.

  5. Episode 2: Dan Quisenberry

    Dan Quisenberry, president of the Michigan Association of Public School Academies, has been at the forefront of the charter school movement for over 20 years. In this episode, we learn more from Dan about the important resources MAPSA offers schools and the impact of some key legislative items. We discuss numerous topics with Dan from the state budget to the importance of storytelling, and even a teacher that had an impact on Dan’s life.

  6. Episode 1: Dr. Jim Goenner

    In our kick off episode we hear from Corey Northrop, the Center’s executive director who shares his insights on CMU’s role in supporting charter schools and what listeners can expect from the new podcast. We also welcome our first guest, Dr. Jim Goenner, who is a true pioneer of the charter school movement. He shares his perspective on some of the historic milestones during the first 25 years of charter schools in Michigan and walks us through what it was like to be a part of the transformation of public education here in our state. Dr. Goenner is the current president and CEO of the National Charter Schools Institute.