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  1. Governor Signs School Aid Budget

    The state School Aid budget was recently signed by Governor Snyder and totals $14,765,468,800 for this upcoming fiscal year. Schools will see per-pupil increases between $120 and $240 depending on the district. This raises the minimum per-pupil grant to $7,871 and the basic level to $8,409.
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  2. March is Reading Month

    National Reading Month is coming up in March. This is a great opportunity to invite local legislators and other community leaders to visit your school to participate in reading activities with your students. National Reading Month provides an ideal opportunity to showcase your school and its accomplishments.
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  3. CMU List of Uses Policy and Opt-Out Form Available

    State law requires public school academy authorizing bodies to prepare a list of uses or instances that we commonly disclose regarding a student’s directory information. This information means information contained in a student’s education record that would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. In addition, the law provides parents/legal guardians with the opportunity to elect not to have the student’s directory information disclosed for one or more of these uses or instances.
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  4. Staff Spotlight: Jason Mancini

    Jason is responsible for evaluating the impact of state and federal programs on charter public schools and serves as a liaison with governmental agencies, legislative offices, education reform organizations and charter public schools boards. He is a vital part of educating stakeholders on all aspects of charter authorizing and the importance of school choice.
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  5. Join the Center’s Team Focused on Public Policy’s Impact on Charter Schools

    The Governor John Engler Center for Charter Schools at Central Michigan University is a leader in transforming public education. We envision a diverse and dynamic public education marketplace that fosters academic excellence for all children. We are an innovative, results-oriented organization that values and empowers passionate professionals that are committed to quality and accountability. We are currently hiring for a director of public policy that would be based in our Lansing office.
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  6. Is Your School Meeting New Evaluation Requirements?

    Back before the start of the school year, we briefed you on the new state law which requires school boards to have a performance evaluation system in place for their teachers and administrators. Many of the requirements of the law went into effect for this school year, including training, so make sure your school is continuing to meet its statutory obligations.
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  7. U.S. Department of Education Releases Final ESSA Regulations

    On Monday, November 28, the U.S. Department of Education released the final accountability rules for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) which provide further guidance for states on how to implement the requirements under the law. Based on the feedback on May’s draft regulations, a number of changes were made. Read More »

  8. Third Grade Reading Bill Passes Legislature

    The state Legislature last week approved an early literacy bill that would require students in third grade to be held back if they are not proficient in reading. It now heads to Governor Snyder who is expected to soon sign the bill.
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  9. Is Your School Ready for the New Educator Evaluation Law?

    State law requires school boards to have a performance evaluation system in place for their teachers and administrators. Many of the requirements of the law go into effect for this school year, including training and website posting. Is your school ready to meet these statutory obligations?
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  10. Executive Director Appointed to 21st Century Education Commission

    Cindy Schumacher, the Center’s executive director, was recently appointed by Governor Rick Snyder to serve on the new 21st Century Education Commission. The appointment of Schumacher to the Commission is a tremendous honor and a great example of the impact the Center has on education at the state level. Read More »

  11. Detroit News Shares Center’s Message of Authorizer Accountability

    The Detroit News recently published an op-ed authored by Cindy Schumacher, the Center’s executive director. The op-ed focused on the charter authorizer accreditation process and the role it plays in holding charter authorizers accountable. Read More »