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  1. Carol Spanninga – Art Teacher at Island City Academy

    No one escaped the need to change and adapt during the pandemic, including the teachers and students in Michigan’s schools. Students had to adapt the way they learned, just as teachers had to adapt the way they taught.

    For some, the move to online learning was an easier transition. Some subjects lend themselves well to being taught through a computer screen.

    Carol Spanninga teaches one of the subjects that doesn’t traditionally fit as well with online learning.

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  2. Uche Uchendu – ELA Academic Specialist at Pembroke Academy

    Each year, Central Michigan University offers Charter School Educator Awards to assist charter public school educators with the cost of tuition as they pursue their graduate degrees. Uche Uchendu of Pembroke Academy is one such educator.
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  3. Allan Pall – Teacher at New Branches Charter School

    Allan Pall has been teaching at New Branches Charter Academy since it was a private school, before it re-opened as one of the state’s first charter public schools in 1994. This makes Pall one of the very first charter school teachers in the entire state.
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